Steller Yachts Designs Passenger Trimaran for World-First Transatlantic Service

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Steller Yachts is proud to support VoyageVert in its plans to develop the first-ever transatlantic sailing ferry service, by designing a 110m trimaran capable of carrying 200 passengers and 46 crew safely across the Atlantic in ten days.  The service aims to provide a viable alternative to long-haul flights, encouraging passengers to consider more environmentally friendly travel options.

Our design was recently featured in the Mail Online and the Daily Mirror.

VoyageVert, a not-for-profit organisation, believes that there is a need to create a reliable alternative to flight, and intends to provide a sustainable passenger ferry service to cross the seaways of the world.  It has recently undertaken a successful crowdfunding campaign to progress this exciting project further.



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