Steller Systems Presenting at RCNC Annual Maritime Engineering Conference

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

Steller Systems’ Alastair Wallace will be presenting alongside BAE Systems at this year’s Annual Maritime Engineering Conference of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors (RCNC).

Alastair and Nicola Paterson will be presenting their paper “Optimising the Future Fleet using Deep Learning Tools” which describes how high-speed computing combined with a subset of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning is taking ship design optimisation to new levels in terms of both speed and performance results.

BAE Systems is already harvesting the rewards of this new technology by being able to offer better performing and more affordable ships. A future frigate hull design has been optimised so significantly that the resistance has been reduced by 29% at cruise speed allowing smaller engines to be fitted whilst improving stability.

The conference, which this year has the theme of “Challenges Facing Today’s Maritime Engineers”, runs from the 24th to the 25th January in Bristol.