Steller Systems 19m Offshore Insertion Craft

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

Steller Systems has recently built and trialled a 6m concept demonstrator of our 19m Offshore Insertion Craft. The demonstrator has successfully proven the innovative features of the full-scale craft proving an ocean-going hullform can be capable of providing stern-to landing and quick egress whilst delivering war fighters “fit-to-fight”.

Our 19m Offshore Insertion Craft is designed to be the ultimate multi-role vessel, capable of delivering personnel and equipment over large distances with minimum fatigue. The novel design combined with a large stern ramp and configurable payload area allow the craft to be a high performing, low signature, all-round platform to meet the current and future demands of the littoral combat zone.  Developed using HullTune® by Steller Systems, the novel instep hullform delivers maximum offshore performance with minimal draft to allow high-speed extended transits in high seastates with low wading depth.

The demonstrator craft, shown being put through its paces below, was built over the summer by our in-house team here at Steller Systems. 

We would like to thank all of our suppliers that help make this innovative project possible in such a short amount of time: Golden Arrow Marine, SR Structures, GSD Technologies and EMS Engineered Marine Systems. Video Credit End State.