Steller Systems Awarded Innovation Funding for Uncrewed Vessel

Friday, June 11th, 2021

Steller Systems has been awarded a contract from the Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA) to continue the development of its uncrewed maritime vessel WRAITH. This contract will build on the recent success of its scale functioning demonstrator, which was designed and built under DASA & Future Commando Force funding. Recently the demonstrator underwent in-water trials in front of customers and a number of VIPs, which provided a convincing demonstration of the platform’s unique CONOPS.

This latest contract will further de-risk some of the most innovative features of the design. Steller Systems will work closely with SeeByte, who are leaders in creating robust, reliable and innovative software solutions for autonomous maritime systems, and 10XL, innovators in large-scale 3D printing.

The Defence & Security Accelerator, part of the Ministry of Defence, finds and funds exploitable innovation to support UK defence and security. WRAITH is a highly innovative and flexible naval asset which will provide transformational capability to the Royal Navy and Future Commando Force across a broad range of key military roles.

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