Innovation in Damage Control for Ships

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

Steller Systems has been awarded a contract by the Defence and Security Accelerator to develop an innovative damage control system for ships.

Changes to platform design and operation, steady reductions in crew numbers and the accelerating move to uncrewed, autonomous vessels mean that new approaches are required to ensure that damage control measures can continue to be successfully achieved.

Under this contract, Steller Systems will design, build and test a prototype system that can be permanently installed or rapidly deployed on a ship in the event of damage.

The work will be based upon Steller Systems’ extensive experience of naval and commercial vessel damage stability, providing emergency response naval architecture support to Royal Navy vessels, designing uncrewed vessels and rapid prototyping using innovative techniques.

Steller Systems’ team of naval architects and marine engineers relish technical challenges and developing innovative solutions. Due to a number of recent contract awards we are currently recruiting talented individuals at all levels. For more detail please visit our careers page.

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