Finite Element Analysis

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Last week Steller Systems conducted an internal Finite Element Analysis (FEA) training course, run by Steller Systems’ Lester Talbot and Richard Burrows.

Continuous Professional Development is an important principle in Steller Systems, but it also provides an opportunity to engage in some fun interaction between colleagues and a chance to bring staff from Steller Systems’ two offices together, taking advantage of our newly expanded office in Hamble.

The entire session was based on two different vessels which Steller Systems are currently working on, bringing context and real-time application to the tutorial. It also provided an opportunity for invaluable Learning from Experience.

Once the presentation was complete, the team were then assigned a modelling task to create an assembly and apply a specific load to analyse the deflection. This included some additional learning opportunities but primarily served to consolidate the day’s learning.

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