Hull Design using Deep Learning Technology 

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Technology is transforming the way that companies approach tough optimisation challenges, and Steller Systems is incorporating new, technically advanced methods into early stage hull design in ways not seen in some marine sectors before. 

Deep Learning Surrogates (DLS) are just one Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that is already increasing the speed and effectiveness of automated design optimisation. The approach is based on other AI models like those that have been key to many other difficult computing problems, from tracking trends in the stock market to image recognition.

By using Deep Learning Surrogates to explore the entire design space and generating millions of combinations of hull shapes it stands to reason how significant savings can be realised. A recent task to optimise a future frigate hull form showed the extent of the potential savings. A 32% reduction in resistance at cruise speed (16 knots) and for the same hull 22% reduction in resistance at top speed (24 knots) was achieved. Putting this into perspective, this allows the designers to save 5 megawatts from a 30 megawatt drive train – showing how large the savings can be. 

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