Discover the Future of Ship Design with HullTune® by Steller Systems

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Steller Systems’ groundbreaking hull optimisation solution merges Deep Learning Technology with naval architecture. HullTune® revolutionises ship design by finely adjusting hull shapes to meet specific operational and functional requirements, consequently reducing engine size, build costs, running expenses, and emissions.

This cutting-edge technology offers modules focusing on resistance, intact stability, damage stability, and seakeeping. The core module, HullTune® Resistance, utilises Deep Learning to craft optimal, low-drag hull forms, whilst maintaining payload volume, leading to significant reductions in resistance and operational costs. Recent tests showcased impressive resistance reductions, aligning with industry goals for net-zero shipping.

HullTune® modules extend to intact stability and damage stability, leveraging Deep Learning to maximise stability while minimising design complexity and build costs. For instance, HullTune® Damage Stability optimises bulkhead positions to enhance stability in case of damage, leading to significant savings in build and operational costs.

Moreover, HullTune® Seakeeping ensures optimal seakeeping performance while minimising resistance, addressing various performance areas and mitigating project risks.

Steller Systems’ HullTune® represents a transformative approach to ship design, driving the maritime industry towards sustainability and efficiency. Contact us to learn more.