Department for International Development Outlines Plans for Humanitarian Relief Vessels

Friday, January 11th, 2019

The Department for International Development (DFID) has outlined plans to use part of the foreign aid budget to procure two new hospital ships to help deal with natural disasters.

Steller Systems supports this proposal, having proposed this to DFID in 2017. Steller Systems developed and proposed an innovative design for a dedicated humanitarian operations vessel as a means to offer a more targeted and efficient response to natural disasters, whilst relieving pressure on the Royal Navy. Our concept design for the 140m ship includes a 100 bed NATO Role 3 medical treatment facility, a large forward upper and lower hold with 6500m3 of flexible storage space over two levels, a ramp and vehicle deck, a hangar and a vehicle garage. The design has been developed in parallel with a comprehensive operating model and CONOPS, and was presented at the International Naval Engineering Conference & Exhibition (INEC) in 2016.

Steller Systems draws on its extensive experience of providing naval architecture and systems engineering support to in-service vessels to ensure that its concept designs are realistic, pragmatic and solve many of the problems encountered in current vessel designs.

For more information, please see our concept designs page.