Steller Systems Joins UKNEST

Steller Systems is delighted to have joined UKNEST.

Steller Systems’ Managing Director, Rob Skarda, said: “Steller Systems are pleased to have joined UKNEST as we are passionate about providing the capability that the Royal Navy and Royal Marines need. This involves inspiring the next generation to follow STEM careers and head into Naval Engineering, and the enterprise to be an exciting and rewarding place to work. We look forward to getting engaged in making a difference”.

We look forward to helping UKNEST achieve its mission of enabling the UK naval enterprise to be the best in the world through great people, collaboration and superior technology.

Steller Systems at UDT 2024

Steller Systems’ Managing Director, Rob Skarda, will be presenting at Undersea Defence Technology 2024 at ExCeL London on Tuesday.

Rob’s presentation, “Future Littoral Operations – a Conundrum” will explore current open source threat information and the platform choices that will be available to provide possible solutions in a System of Systems approach.

If you’re visiting UDT then catch Rob’s presentation at 1600 Tuesday April 9th in the Keynote Theatre.

Steller Systems 19m Offshore Insertion Craft

Steller Systems has recently built and trialled a 6m concept demonstrator of our 19m Offshore Insertion Craft. The demonstrator has successfully proven the innovative features of the full-scale craft proving an ocean-going hullform can be capable of providing stern-to landing and quick egress whilst delivering war fighters “fit-to-fight”.

Our 19m Offshore Insertion Craft is designed to be the ultimate multi-role vessel, capable of delivering personnel and equipment over large distances with minimum fatigue. The novel design combined with a large stern ramp and configurable payload area allow the craft to be a high performing, low signature, all-round platform to meet the current and future demands of the littoral combat zone.  Developed using HullTune® by Steller Systems, the novel instep hullform delivers maximum offshore performance with minimal draft to allow high-speed extended transits in high seastates with low wading depth.

The demonstrator craft, shown being put through its paces below, was built over the summer by our in-house team here at Steller Systems. 

We would like to thank all of our suppliers that help make this innovative project possible in such a short amount of time: Golden Arrow Marine, SR Structures, GSD Technologies and EMS Engineered Marine Systems. Video Credit End State.

Discover the Future of Ship Design with HullTune® by Steller Systems

Steller Systems’ groundbreaking hull optimisation solution merges Deep Learning Technology with naval architecture. HullTune® revolutionises ship design by finely adjusting hull shapes to meet specific operational and functional requirements, consequently reducing engine size, build costs, running expenses, and emissions.

This cutting-edge technology offers modules focusing on resistance, intact stability, damage stability, and seakeeping. The core module, HullTune® Resistance, utilises Deep Learning to craft optimal, low-drag hull forms, whilst maintaining payload volume, leading to significant reductions in resistance and operational costs. Recent tests showcased impressive resistance reductions, aligning with industry goals for net-zero shipping.

HullTune® modules extend to intact stability and damage stability, leveraging Deep Learning to maximise stability while minimising design complexity and build costs. For instance, HullTune® Damage Stability optimises bulkhead positions to enhance stability in case of damage, leading to significant savings in build and operational costs.

Moreover, HullTune® Seakeeping ensures optimal seakeeping performance while minimising resistance, addressing various performance areas and mitigating project risks.

Steller Systems’ HullTune® represents a transformative approach to ship design, driving the maritime industry towards sustainability and efficiency. Contact us to learn more.

Steller Systems to Exhibit at Combined Naval Event 2024

Steller Systems is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Navy Leaders Combined Naval Event 2024. The event, which incorporates conferences on Future Surface Fleet, Surface Fleet Technology, Submarine Technology and Underwater Defence & Security, takes place in Farnborough, UK from 21st to 23rd May 2024.

This year’s event is expected to attract more than 1,500 attendees from over 50 countries.

We look forward to welcoming our current and future customers and partners at stand B06.